Fraud Alert : You Should Always Hang Up On This Call

If you get a call from a phone number that you do not recognize and the person asks, “Can you Hear Me?”, the best thing you can possibly do is hang up the phone immediately.

Law Enforcement is warning consumers across the US of a new scam that is gaining momentum.

It is happening in states all across the country to unsuspecting consumers who are being tricked into paying for services they never wanted.

How it Works

Scammers that work for shady utility services, telecom providers or other telemarketing scam products are using a new technique to get consumers to say “yes” to their sales pitch.

But they do it in the most sneaky and underhanded way.

They simply start each call out with the question, “Can you Hear Me?” Most people will say, “Yes” and unbeknownst to them the scammer has recorded their response.

Later, they use that recorded response to bill you for services on your credit card.  When you dispute the charge or try to tell them you never ordered it, the shady company produces the recording of you saying “Yes” as proof that you ordered the service.

What will these Shady McGrady Fraudsters think of next?

What you Should Do

If you get a call where the person on the other end of the line ask, “Can You Hear Me?”.  You know what to do now – Hang Up.  Always hang up on these types of calls.

Or you can always sign up for a service like Call Protect, which I wrote about last month- check it out here.