It Was Her Voice -Man Was Victim Of Voice Cloning Scam

“It was her voice”, claimed John Bridges, “And then she passed the phone to a scammer who advised that he would never see his daughter again”

He was in his Pearland home when his phone rang. He answered, and someone on the other end of the line was crying. It was his daughter Brittany, and she was crying that she had an accident and needed help.

Then a man came on the phone and said that if he didn’t listen to everything he said that he would never see his daughter again.

He told Bridges to “get cash and then drive to a grocery store”. He was ordered to wire the money to a location in Mexico.

Before he could answer, his daughter Brittany got in touch with his wife and he immediately halted the wire transfer

He was one of the lucky ones but hundreds of other victims are being victimized by this horrible voice cloning scam.

Check out the video of his ordeal here.