This Cop Doesn’t Mess Around With Dealer Fraud

Fraudsters are targeting Atlanta area car dealerships using fraudulent identifications, and it’s getting a little out of control.

In the last two weeks, two different Youtube videos have emerged from the Chamblee Police department showing fraud in progress at dealerships.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about these videos is the police sergeant that shows up to make the arrest. Check out the video of her first arrest that was posted this week. They found tons of forged identifications in the Mercedes that the suspects arrived at the dealership in.

And a second video where she doesn’t mess around in an arrest of a person using forged identification. Thanks to JJ Mueller for the tip!

And the third video shows another recent episode where she apprehended another suspect who was trying to use a CPN!

This Seargent is really making a name for herself and doesn’t mess around!