Talking Fraud With Karisse Hendrik on Fraudology

I had the time of my life getting interviewed by Karisse Hendrik on her popular podcast – Fraudology.

For those of you that don’t know Karisse, she has worked with hundreds of e-commerce companies consulting with them on best practices for fraud avoidance with a specialty in chargeback optimization.

A self-professed “Chargeback Nerd”, she runs her own business called – Chargealytics Consulting, offering consulting services and research in card-not-present fraud, payments, and chargeback management.

She is the de-facto expert in fighting e-commerce fraud and a prolific advocate of fraud fighters around the world. She brings a wealth of knowledge, personality, and inspiration to all the companies and people she works with. A true fraud fighter.

Check out her podcast and I highly recommend subscribing to it to catch all the latest trends in fraud.