Report : The Knoble-2,500 Human Crime Fighters Strong

Ian Mitchell had a dream a few short years ago. He wanted to create an organization that brought together fraud fighters, scam fighters, law enforcement, financial institutions, and NGOs to stop human suffering.

So he created The Knoble.

And I and many others happily joined him in his mission – like close to 3,000 weekend warriors and companies that wanted to do some good in the world.

This week, the organization released its annual report, which shows the group now has over 2,500 crime fighters, 211 Financial Organizations, and 50 Partner Organizations – all with the shared mission of ending human suffering.

The Concept Of The Knoble Was Simple

The concept behind The Knoble was simple, and it’s why so many fraud and crime fighters are joining the non-profit.

And it’s this. If you have a job fighting fraud – you do it because you love helping people. So why not use those same skills as a volunteer? Volunteer your time to help end all of the suffering caused by human crime.

It’s brilliant.

Are you part of this army of human crime fighters yet? You should be. It’s simple to join, and the world needs you.

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What Does The Knoble Do?

You only have to look at last year to see all of the incredible thing that people that join this group are doing.

The SuperBowl Initiative – Identifying 20 New Human Trafficking Leads

Last year The Knoble partnered with Prove and Homeland Security Investigations on a cutting-edge project to identify and combat human trafficking in the lead-up to the 2022 Super Bowl.

By utilizing targeted scenarios and information, they were able to engage a total of 53 individuals and 30 financial institutions. . The collaboration resulted in 20 new leads related to human trafficking.

Stop Scams and Make A Difference In The World

Last year, The Knoble took decisive action in the fight against scams by launching the Scams Roundtable Series, sponsored by Early Warning Services.

Stopping Child Exploitation With Lexis Nexis And Banks

Last year, The Knoble launched Project Umbra, sponsored by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Scotiabank. This project was a shining example of how public-private collaboration can lead to efficient, effective processes for identifying and stopping child sexual exploitation.

The project generated a sixfold increase in Law Enforcement referrals from the previous year by working with five banks and leveraging child exploitation indicators within their existing processes!

Read Their Annual Report Here

You can check out the whole annual report here, which details all the amazing progress in the last year.