Minting Money – Premade CPN’s Are The New Scam

“Premade CPNs” are a big money maker for scammers and synthetic identity thieves operating underground channels. The number of advertisements on social media has risen dramatically over the last 12 months.

However, as some people find out after purchasing one, those premade CPNs can land them in hot water.

Premade CPNs Are Designed To ByPass Bank’s Fraud Rules

Let me tell you what it is if you have never heard of a premade CPN. It’s a template fake credit profile created, that is purported to be aged for 1-3 years. The difference between it and a normal CPN sale is that premades are typically done with generic names. In short, it’s a third-party synthetic identity

Also called “prebuilt cpns,” this new variant of synthetic identity was designed to bypass banks’ fraud controls that target newly created profiles.

When buyers purchase a premade CPN, they often have to buy fake documents, driver’s licenses, and paystubs fabricated in the generic name.

That is why it is a big money maker for these con artists. Sellers often charge $400 to $600 for a premade CPN, whereas they can only make about $80 for a newly created CPN profile.

But some of the premade credit profiles can go for much more. For example, one seller on Telegram advertises this “Unisex” Premade that can function for either a man or a woman.

The price for that CPN is 20% higher – $799. And that includes all of the fake documents that you need.

Websites Are Springing Up, Catering To Premade CPN Buyers

If you think that this is a passing fad, think again. Multiple websites are sprouting up to sell these profiles to the public.

There is even a blog post extolling the virtues of PreBuilt CPN’s. Some of the benefits include;

  1. Privacy – no one will know who you are!
  2. Credit Repair – start fresh with a new profile and a new name!
  3. Access to Financial Services – new credit cards!

Premades Are Used By Multiple People At Once

Scammers that sell these premades will not only sell the profile to one person. They will sell it to as many people who buy it as possible. That means you could simultaneously have as many as 5-10 people using a single fake synthetic identity in multiple different cities and states across the US.

This explains the high frequency now of “frequent synthetic perpetrators” who appear to be transacting in many different locations.

Buyers of Premade CPN’s Are Often Buying Stolen Identities

One other problem with Premade CPNs is that many sellers do not provide synthetic identities to the buyer; instead, they sell stolen true identities.

To the uninformed buyer, who thinks that they are getting a brand new profile, they are unwittingly getting caught up in a crime that can land them up to 30 years in prison.

Fake Name Won’t Get Your Teeth Fixed

And that is precisely what seems to have happened to this lady in Chamblee, Georgia. She appears to be taken off guard when police enter the dentist’s office and interrupt her dental work.