Need A Fraud Mentor? There’s A Guy For That.

Are you a wanna-be fraudster but don’t know where to start? Do you have dreams of making stacks of cash and living the good life? Have you bought fraud tutorials online but can’t make sense of them?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. There are scores of mentors now offering services on Telegram to teach you the tricks of the trade.

And if you’re an anti-fraud fighter like me, you should probably be concerned with this new trend.

Fraud Mentors Are Emerging Online To Teach You How To Commit Fraud “The Right Way”

You can give a man a fraudulent refund, and he will eat for a day. You can teach a man how to become a professional refunder, and he will eat for life.

Savvy professional refunders have found that there is more money to be made acting as mentors for newbie fraudsters than actually going out and committing fraud for other people.

Mentoring services have sprouted up all over Telegram, asking “Why Should You Pay Refunders When You Can Do It For Yourself?”

The services promise to provide their customers with white glove treatment like 1:1 mentoring, access to instantly chat with them during transactions, and a full list of methods by merchant.

The services range from $50 for guides and mentoring on how to defraud a merchant like Amazon to $1,400 for a universal program that helps you defraud any merchant.

Teaching Fraud Newbies How To Become Professional Refunders and Eventually Mentors Themselves

There are scores of these fraud mentoring channels on Telegram with names like

  • Mr. Mackey Refund Mentorship
  • Space Riots Refunding Mentorship
  • Instant Refunds Mentoring
  • Mentorship Gucci Refund
  • Houdini Refund Mentoring
  • Saul Goodman Refund Mentoring
  • Rolls Refund Chat
  • Zmyth – Refunds B4U Mentorship

Each group has hundreds of members and tout that they have trained thousands of newbie fraudsters the tricks of the trade.

In fact, there is so much competition they are even resorting to flashy eye-grabbing advertisements that lure the newbies in.

They Treat It Like A Real School, With Lectures Every Day Until You Learn It The Right Way

These fraud mentors might be crooks, but you can’t accuse them of laziness. To graduate from the program requires a certain amount of rigor and practice on the part of the student.

Lectures are held daily, students watch the mentor do fraudulent refunds directly from their computer screens, and then they do fraudulent refunds on their own under the watchful eye of their mentor.

These programs appear designed to create hundreds and thousands of very practiced and accomplished fraudsters.

These Programs Show What Anti-Fraud Professionals Are Up Against

As these fraud services grow, it shows what anti-fraud industry professionals are up against.

Arguably, some of these programs are probably more comprehensive than what some entry-level fraud analysts might get on their first job.

Professional refunding has become so competitive and lucrative that thousands of these service companies are sprouting to life, wreaking even more havoc on the merchants.

The problem of refunding fraud is only going to get worse, before it gets better.