Is SSNValidator (The Site Fraudsters Use) Shut Down?

Sad news for CPN fraudsters today. SSN Validator, the site that all synthetic identity fraudsters love appears to be restricting access.

So it’s not technically shut down, but for those chronic CPN creators it’s essentially not going to be an option anymore.

SSN Validator Was Used By CPN Creators To Identity Non Issued SSN’s

SSN Validator is/was a tool used by scores of Synthetic Identity fraudsters. 

After they have located a correctly formatted SSN, they go to SSN Validator and type it in.  They get a full check on the validity of the social security number,  the date and state it was issued, and a check on the Death Master file.

CPN creators liked the site because it was free and easy to use.

I Was Notified Via LegalCPN

I received the news from LegalCPN who once sold me a 9-digit number they claimed was my very own Credit Privacy Number (CPN). It turned out to be a Social Security Number and not a CPN at all.

According to the owner of Legal CPN, the site has been restricted which is “Tragic News” for CPN creators.

He is OK Though Because He Uses Lexis Nexis

LegalCPN is ok though because he doesn’t rely on those free tools to find stolen or non-issued SSN’s – he uses a paid service Lexis Nexis.

Why does Lexis let this guy who claims to have sold 1,000,000 CPNs continue to use their service to commit fraud against banks and lenders?

According to other emails he claims to use Lexis to identify social security numbers that are not associated with any profiles. Because of his use of Lexis, he claims he is able to create CPN’s that will have a greater likelihood to succeed with banks

I Tried SSNValidator And Indeed I Did Get An Error

I decided to try SSNValidator to see if it still worked or not and indeed it does appear to shoot back errors.

Good news to see this site restricting access to their service.

What do you think?