First Ever Fraud Fight Club Launches In New York City

Who is coming to New York City to join the Fraud Fight Club? ?

If you’re not you might want to check it out here – Fraud Fight Club.

The event brought to you by About Fraud will take place alongside Fintech Nexus USA, and it’s more than a conference, it’s a club. Best of all, it is built for fraud fighters by fraud fighters.

You’ll can catch Brett Johnson, Mary Ann Miller, PJ Rohall, Ian Mitchell, Ronald Praetsch, Arthi Makhija, Erin Vertin, Sheryl Pinto, Jeffrey Dant, Alexander Hall, Sophia Carlton, Brian Davis, Gabriel Friedlander and hundreds of other fraud fighters all in one place.

What a great chance to mingle and network with all your fraud-fighting compadres! I will be there and can’t wait to see all of you.