Houston Teen Charged In Big Auto Loan Fraud Case

A 17-year-old Houston teen is accused of running an elaborate $600,000 scheme in which he illegally sold Teslas, Corvettes, and an Escalade.

KHOU Houston broke the exclusive story which was investigated by Sgt Darren Schloesser of the HPD Auto Theft Unit.

A local family said they were looking for a car and found a Tesla they thought was a perfect fit. But, they said when the car was delivered, investigators came knocking.

Ali Momin said at first it seemed like everything checked out.

“The way I met him, he looked very professional,” Momin said. “He knew his business terms. He said he had an investment company.”

The person selling the Tesla S had him convinced. Momin even met him at a Houston bank and said he put down 50% on the $120,000 car and verified with Tesla the teen was the owner. He got the keys and shipped the car to a relative in Atlanta. Then came the surprise.

Only 17, But The Scam Was Sophisticated

HPD has charged a 17-year-old with three felonies, including theft. The teen’s social media photos show him posing with cars that are now part of the investigation. KHOU 11 News is choosing not to identify the teen beyond his first name of Cole, due to his age.

“That’s what made this case so shocking to me was his age,” HPD Sgt. Darren Schlosser said. “He had recently turned 17.”

Schlosser said the teen was involved in a complex scheme in which he bought and sold Teslas, Corvettes, and an Escalade with fake money and a fake identity.