Congress Launches Investigation Into

In a sweeping letter to, Congressional lawmakers demanded records about its contracts with states as well as information about the accuracy of the technology and how they store sensitive customer data.

The letter which was released by the Washington Post earlier today details the concerns that lawmakers have about and their rapid rise to prominence for identity verification.

The letter hits on many of the key points that has made such a controversial company since they burst on the scene including

  • Long Wait Times –Long wait times and impact on people applying for benefits which required some to wait for days
  • Data Collection –’s controversial data collection policy, storing sensitive biometric and identity information for hundreds of millions of citizens.
  • Controversial Facial Recognition –’s controversial practice of using 1 to many facial recognition matches.
  • Using Inflated Stats To Their Advantage – Blake Hall had famously pointed out that $400 of the $800 billion was stolen by fraudsters. Congress believed that number was inflated and the company used it to sell more of its solutions to states.
  •’s lucrative State and IRS Contracts – The very lucrative contracts that has established with about half the states and the IRS in the last 18 months despite all of the problems with the product that have been occurring.

Read The Letter For Yourself

Read the letter here. It looks like this is going to keep busy for awhile!