AI Video Sora Will Give Scammers Unlimited Power

Another monumental moment in technology just happened – OpenAI released Sora. The powerful AI can create 60-second hyperrealistic videos and imaginative scenes with as little as a text prompt or even a sample image.

But fraud experts believe this could give ⚡Scammers Unlimited Power⚡ to fortify their scams and mint them billions in profits.

A Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened

OpenAi is aware of Pandora’s box that this could open and reported that before releasing, they are going to vet it carefully.

The powerful software could be used for nefarious purposes including:

  • Realistic Celebrity Deepfakes and misinformation
  • Perfect romance scam videos
  • Crypto Scam advertisements
  • SpeerPhishing campaign videos sent to employees of companies

Scammers Unlimited Power Has Come So Far

Do you want to see how shockingly far video AI has come in just the last nine months? Check out the video below.