Social Security Fraud Scam Goes Nationwide

The IRS scammers are losing steam as most consumers are now aware that those threatening phone calls are originating from India or Pakistan and not from IRS agents located here in the US.

But it is being replaced with another insidious scam just as damaging – threatening consumers that their SSN will be suspended immediately for criminal activity.  It is important to note that suspending a Social Security Number is impossible and no law enforcement agency engages in this type of activity.

Consumers are being asked to confirm their Social Security Number to the scammer which puts them at increased risk of identity theft, but they are also being asked to supply gift cards to pay for fines. In both cases, consumers are at extreme risk.

More than 35,000 SSN Scam reports were made in 2018 and the number is growing fast.  Consumers should be on the alert that these calls are fraudulent – no Law Enforcement or government agency can suspend your Social Security Number.