The Future Is Here – Meet The New Fraud Analyst 2024

The future is here. I see it clearly. And it’s impressively human.

AI is great. But it is the fraud analyst – the human in the loop – who will make our future safe.

When Apple launched Vision Pro, I saw the future of being a fraud analyst. And it looks very much like a science fiction movie.

Minority Report to be exact.

And investigating a complex fraud will be completed with a dizzying array of fraud tech at our fingertips, made available to us simply through gestures.

I present to you, Fraud Analyst 2024. A master of spatial computing and rapid fraud analysis.

Vision Pro Will Make This Possible Starting Next Year

Vision Pro will likely launch by March of next year. When a user wears the Apple Headset, they can work beyond the confines of their computer or their device and the room becomes their canvas.

To a fraud analyst that is used to opening up ten different search tabs or applications during an investigation, those screens can appear within their complete view at the same time.

There will be no more clutter of tabs, information will be displayed all around as you configure it.

And since so many new fraud applications are browser-based, if they are comparable with Safari, they might be viewable right out of the box!

And since Apple is also supporting WebXR, those same fraud technologies could one day offer an immersive experience right from the browser.

API’s Connecting Every Data Point To A Thousand Insights Right To Your Eyes

As a former fraud analyst, I know the pain of digging through a hundred websites or different fraud solutions, one by one to find the intelligence I needed.

With the explosion of available API’s, a fraud analyst can automate the retrieval of that data through a mere glance or gesture toward that data point.

Imagine being able to pull a thousand insights from a single phone number from any source you wanted in from the fraud solution universe of companies. That future is coming.

Faster Investigations and Better Decisions

An investigation that used to take hours will take seconds.

Investigators that master their spatial computing craft will be able to quickly evaluate a pattern of fraud or non fraud in seconds and move to the next case.

A good fraud analyst will save their company $1 million a day.

The investment the companies make in them, and the technologies they use will have ROI’s in excess of 100:1.

Fraud analysts will make faster decisions and better decisions than ever before.

And in a world where Ai enabled scams and fraud are skyrocketing – they will be in the best position in a company to verify the authenticity of a person, a document, or an event.

Fraud Rings And Connections Are Displayed Based On Spoken Commands

“Show me all associated credit card accounts where this fraudulent phone number has been used, and then show me those where there was a fraudulent charge at Home Depot”

Within seconds of this command, a list is displayed of all the accounts, and another list below of those that had the fraudulent charge indicated.

A World Where AI Augments The Fraud Analyst, Not Replaces It

I tend to view AI as only a technology that will augment the human and not replace it.

As cool as ChatGPT is, the art of getting a good result with it is prompt engineering and being able to massage the result into something coherent and true.

The same is true with AI and fraud analysts.

AI will merely augment the fraud analyst, not replace them.

And the best fraud analyst will embrace AI, not reject it.

And the companies that achieve the best result will reject neither and use both.

Fraud Analyst and Investigators Will Be Cooler Than Ever

As if it wasn’t already the most amazing job ever, can you imagine what it is to become? Can you see this too?

Will you be a part of it.

The future is now, where will you take it?