Pig Butchering Scams Are Breaking Couples Apart

Pig Butchering. It’s a devastating crime. Researchers suggest it has caused victims to suffer $75 billion in financial losses.

However, those financial losses may dwarf the other pain – heartache, divorce, and emotionally devastated families. Pig Butchering scams are ripping couples apart.

It’s the sad reality of this horrible crime that is often left unreported.

A Text From An Attractive Woman Half His Age Sends His Life Into A Spiral

He is 64 and happily married. But that is about to change. One day, a text from an attractive lady half his age makes him feel butterflies for someone new. It’s a strange text meant for someone else, but she is attractive so he replies.

That sets in motion a series of events that will ruin his life. It won’t be a physical relationship but an affair of the heart only. She is not real, but the damage to his life and marriage will be the same.

Once the scam is complete, his infidelity to his wife will come to light. He will have to tell her how he got scammed, and that will mean revealing all of those flirtatious text that were sent back and forth.

How Can I Forgive Him? She Tells Her Story

The real pain begins in the aftermath of Pig Butchering. The couple has lost their life savings and irrevocably broken their trust.

I’ll share the story of ColdInfluence, a Reddit user who doesn’t know how she will be able to forgive her husband, who fell for Pig Butchering scams not once but twice. He is 64. His virtual lovers were half his age, and the pain cut deep.

“My 64 years old husband that I married for 33 years got scammed and they emptied out his entire 401K savings of $210K in the past 6 months. The worst thing was that he fell into the romantic pig butchering scam with two different scammers/lovers while I revolved my life around him.”

“Even though we filed report to FBI, IC3, SEC, the money is a total loss since they have gone to the criminal organization rings in Cambodia and Myanmar. The scammers are forced labors/victims themselves. They are most likely a bunch of young men being lured into the scamming compounds to work for long hours.

Don’t believe any recovering agencies that promise to get your money back. They prey on the victims and will try to scam more money after you are being scammed. The damage is permanent both financially and in our relationship and it will take a long time to heal. I no longer let him play with his phone freely and I have full control of the finance now! He owes me for life!”

“I wanted to divorce him, but if he ends up hurting himself or can’t move on, it will become more burden to me and the family. He has hurt me deeply and ruined our retirement plan. Our relationship is broken and I can never treat him the same. “

“My daughter made us to go through therapists and we will see how it works. If I find him still not having remorse of what he has done to me, it’s possible that I will move on with my life without him. I am in pain every time when I think about the detailed chat history between him and his scammers/lovers.

I can’t imagine what it would be like if the scammers were his real lovers (33 and 36 years old) I am having hard time forgiving him and forgetting about how he betrayed me with two adulteries. I am still in a lot of pain…..”

The Most Damaging Scam In History

We’re still learning the untold emotional and tragic consequences of pig butchering. Many speculate it is the most damaging scam ever created in history, which has caused a massive increase in human trafficking, money laundering, and torture.

We tend to focus on the victims, the people that were scammed. But what about their spouses and partners that reel from the infidelity and their financial ruin?

The loss of relationships is just one more heartbreak and tragedy of this horrible scam.