Pig Butchering Scammers Are Using AI Now To Fool Victims

Is that woman real, or is she AI?

It was only a matter of time, but reportedly, pig butchering operations are now resorting to Artificial Intelligence deepfakes to fool their victims.

Catfished, the YouTube channel that showcases new victims of romance scams each week, reported the development last week.

For the first time in their history, they found the first artificial romance scam, in which the catfish model and all her videos appear to have been created with AI.

The investigators were tipped off to AI when they noticed strange things, like fingernails missing on some of her fingers, in the photos. This is a typical tell since AI has trouble with hands and fingers.

The videos that are sent to the victim also look to be AI-generated as well.

This development is not surprising since most scam centers are run by Chinese operatives who might have access to some of the best deepfake technologies in the world.

Catfished – Did This Man Fall In Love With AI?

You can watch the whole fascinating video here and see how this victim, Israel, fell for an AI scam.