Undercover Fraud Analyst Exposes Employment Fraud

He’s a Fraud Analyst at Point Predictive, and he just exposed a sinister scheme that impacts lenders worldwide.

What did he do? He went undercover, posing as a lender that needed a verification of employment, and helped Auto Finance News Investigative Journalist expose the problem of CPNs, fake paystubs, and fraudulent employment verification.

To expose the fraud, the journalist created a fake identity under the name Shanae Cohen, purchased a CPN to make the identity real, and then purchased paystubs along with employment verification.

The recording of the call appeared on The Auto Finance Roadmap Podcast and shows you exactly what one might sound like.

The Podcast was just part of a larger investigative piece called “Out of The Shadows” which reports on the growing problem of shady credit repair businesses that are helping tens and thousands of consumers contain auto loans using fraudulent information.