Is This The Cruelest Check Fraud of All Time?

She worked for Howdy Homemade Ice Cream and proudly posted a video to TikTok to celebrate receiving her first paycheck. It was her very first paycheck of her life.

Dale Beck, a 28-year-old with special needs was excited to share with the world her first paycheck which totaled $1,500 and her video garnered over 4 million views. She wanted to use that check to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for her friends and family.

Everyone was celebrating with Dale and the video had thousands of positive comments. But that didn’t phase one devious fraudster from taking the information from her check and creating a counterfeit for himself.

He tried to cash the check but thankfully, the franchise owner of Howdy Homemade Ice Cream caught the fraud and saved Dale’s money.

This has got to go down as when of the most devious frauds of all time. Some people have no shame.

Thanks to Kim Eakin with DMS for the tip on this story.