Interview Fraud. The Dude Was A Straight Up Imposter!

A pretty wild story was posted on Reddit recently under the title “The new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed”.

The post was submitted by the wife an IT worker in a midsized company. In the post, she goes on to detail a pretty obvious case of Interview Fraud where the person that interviewed for the job was not the same person who showed up to do the job.

In these COVID times, this type of blatant misrepresentation might be occurring more than we care to think. I will just share the post to you here so you can read the whole thing.

The Wild Case of Interview Fraud

Some Users Gave Advice On Dishonest Interviews

Some users posted advice to others on not getting conned during the interview process. I found their post pretty insightful.

And user Lou Salazar posted a comment about the flip side of interview fraud as he details how he did the same thing a few years back and actually got the job and they even kept him after they found out!

During this period of the Great Resignation you have to wonder if this is happening more often now out there. Interesting reading no doubt!