International Fraud Awareness Week

Hundreds of organizations from around the world are banding together to educate and spread fraud awareness this week during International Fraud Awareness Week.

More than 350 organizations (including PointPredictive) are spending this week holding training seminars, educating employees or inviting fraud experts to speak to their customers about the impacts of fraud and how to avoid it.

International Fraud Awareness Week

International Fraud Awareness week runs from November 12th through November 18th and it was founded by the ACFE to help combat the growing problem of fraud across the globe.

The ACFE estimates that approximately 5% of an organizations revenues are lost annually due to fraud. That is a massive number.

Would your company like to become a supporter?  It is easy, you can sign up here –  Become A Supporter.

What Can You Do For Fraud Awareness Week?

The ACFE has compiled a list of activities that you can do to further the cause this week.

  1. Invite a CFE to talk to your employees and coworkers on how to avoid common mistakes when preventing fraud.
  2. Download the free Fraud Week logo to share on materials or websites.
  3. Involve your local chamber of commerce or city council to spread tips on fraud prevention for small businesses.
  4. Encourage your governor to issue a proclamation (.doc) declaring that your state supports Fraud Week.
  5. Host a talk or seminar for your coworkers or community on regularly staying aware of fraud prevention best practices. You can post that event to share what you are doing on our events page.
  6. Perform a fraud check-up for your organization and present your findings to executives, as well as a proactive plan for how to remedy weak spots in your current controls.
  7. Post on social media using new badges and informative images with the tag #fraudweek

What Am I Doing?

As part of the effort, I will be speaking on Fraud Trends at Used Car Week in La Quinta. I will be educating dealers, lenders and industry leaders on the impacts of auto fraud on consumers and the industry.

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