Infamous Ghost – How Clear Gods Stole $28M in CellPhones

Have you heard of The Clear Gods? I never did until I caught this report by Infamous Ghost.

An unsealed indictment from last month charged seven alleged group members with orchestrating a massive scheme involving more than 26,000 fraudulent transactions.

They came up with the name “Clear Gods,” which refers to clearing or removing new service lines from cell phones and upgrading fraudulent accounts.

Because that is exactly what the group did. They opened customer cell phone accounts with stolen identities or accessed existing accounts. “Clear Gods” members would add themselves to fraudulent accounts and start obtaining new devices on credit.

They Used Any Means Necessary Including Accessing Employees Credentials

The group used any means necessary, including accessing AT&T employee IDs to impersonate retail workers while opening new accounts or altering existing accounts. In some cases, they would use social engineering techniques and sleight-of-hand to acquire AT&T-networked devices by swapping broken or disabled tablets with active tablets from retail sales employees.

Check out the whole breakdown from Infamous Ghost here.

Read the Indictment Here

If you want to read the whole indictment you can read and download it here