He Faked Over $1.8 Million In Southwest Travel Vouchers

A Southwest Airlines employee is in hot water for allegedly faking over $1.8 million in travel vouchers and selling them for a profit.

According to a federal indictment that was released last week, Dajuan Martin, 36, worked as a customer service representative with Southwest Airlines in Chicago from November 2018 to June 2022 and used fake customer names to generate the “Southwest Luv Vouchers” without the airline’s knowledge.

Martin then sold the vouchers at below market value to co-defendant Ned Brooks and others in exchange for cash, the indictment states.

The vouchers, known as “Southwest Luv Vouchers,” were supposed to be used to compensate customers who had unfavorable travel experiences on the airline.

He Created Thousands Of Fake Vouchers With Fake Names

As part of the scheme, people, including Ned Brooks, would send Martin text messages requesting vouchers. He would then create the vouchers and send them out to people.

Most vouchers were between $200 and $500, meaning he must have created an astounding 3,000 to 9,000 fake vouchers that are part of his scheme.

He must have been creating more vouchers than anyone else in the whole company. I wonder what took Southwest so long to find out the scheme!

Apparently, Dajuan Martin used the funds to buy expensive things for himself, like a 2021 Range Rover Velar.

That car was confiscated as part of the arrest in this scheme.

Read The Indictment Here

You can read the whole indictment here