Giving Out Your Deets For Quick Cash Is Bad News

Giving out your details (or deets) for quick cash on Snapchat, Instagram can land you in hot water.

Gangs are always looking for new ways to launder their money, and in cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester, using money mules has become one of their favorite methods.

Young and vulnerable people are convinced by criminals, often on social media, to let them use their personal bank accounts to receive and send on their illicit earnings.

However, there can be serious consequences for those who get involved, from being locked out of the financial system, to even serving time in prison. This crime is still massively under-reported, which in part is what leaves many young people so vulnerable.

Check out this video from Vice that shows just how prevalent money muling is on social media.

Thanks, Maryann Miller for the tip on this great educational video.