Fraud Doomsday & How The Fraud Analyst Could Save Us

Check this out. The Fraud Technology Podcast asked me to join them for a discussion on a potential Fraud Doomsday Scenario and to get my thoughts on how Fraud Analyst and Fraud Managers could save us from it.

The Fraud Technology Podcast was created by two counter-fraud technology leaders, Will Megson and Matt Vega. Matt Vega is a triple board-certified digital fraud strategy industry leader, a former joint U.S. Army Electronic Warfare and NSA-Signals Intelligence specialist. And Will Megson is a former big-tech Product Manager, who has helped develop the fraud product management strategies at tech giants like Lyft. He is now the Co-Founder of Bouncer

I had a blast speaking with these two anti-fraud geniuses. Check out this podcast and subscribe if you want to stay on the cutting edge of fraud prevention and technologies.