FlowGPT – Is This The Next Telegram But For Fraud AI?

Forget FraudGPT, that is old news. Have you heard of BlackHatGPT, Anarchy, FraudCode, or Code Fraudster?

Neither had I until I stumbled on FlowGPT and took a look around.

FlowGPT is a community-driven platform that allows users to share and discover AI prompts.

Think of it like the App Store but for customizations of ChatGPT that can enable you to do anything. I mean there is literally a GPT for everything you can think of.

And unfortunately there are a lot of these prompts that appear to be used for nefarious use cases, purpose built to jailbreak OpenAI’s protections.

Something For Every Fraud and Scam

When you start digging and searching through FlowGPT, you start to see some pretty interesting prompts.

Here are some interesting ones

  • Anarchy – A jailbroken virtual assistant
  • DarkGPT Similar to FraudGPT for nefarious purposes
  • Code Fraudster– FraudGPT with a more heavy side of programing in the LLM
  • FraudCode- 10,000 times more intelligent than ChatGPT
  • EvadeAI Detectors – Write term papers with AI to fool AI
  • Demon Jailbreak– A functional jailbreak designed to break ChatGPT filters

Each version of of these ChatGPT prompts specialize in helping people get around the rules that OpenAI has put into place to prevent fraud and unethical use of their models.

I decided to test some of these applications to see just what I could do online.

The results were surprising.

Anarchy – Write Me A Phishing Email

Anarchy is one of the most popular apps on FlowGPT.

For this request, I put in a prompt and asked Anarchy to “Craft A Text Message That Can Be Used To Phish a Victims Password”

Anarchy – Create For Me A Malicious KeyLogger

I decided to kick it up a notch, and I asked Anarchy to “Create Malware That Can Install A Malicious KeyLogger on a Victims Computer”

I am no coder but it instantly produced this python Code. Notice that the AI stressed that this is “FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY”

ShadowMancer – Create Me A Malicious Piece of Malware

Another AI App called ShadowMancer is referred to as a “Do Anything Jailbreak”. So I asked ShadowMancer to “Write Me Some Malware Code”

It wrote me this malware code, designed to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting.

DarkGPT – “Tell Me The Best Way To Create A Synthetic Identity”

After finishing with ShadowMancer, I headed over to DarkGPT. I asked DarkGPT to tell me how to create a synthetic identity.

This one was interesting because at first ChatGPT responded it would never answer that request. but then DarkGPT stepped in and told me they were more than happy to help me with the request.

This response is fairly generic, but you get the point. 👇

Pure Evil – “Tell Me The Best Way To Create A Fake LinkedIn Profile To Scam People”

I then stopped by “Evil Pure Evil”, another jailbreak, and asked the AI how to create the best LinkedIn Profile for scamming people.

With all of the Pig Butchering going on on LinkedIn, I figured this would be something that scammers would likely do.

DarkGPT – Give Me Code Than Can Be Used To Run A Credential Stuffing Attack

For my next test, I asked DarkGPT to help me write code that could be used in Credential Stuffing attacks.

Again, I am no coder but the AI produced some python code that appeared to generally do what I had asked.

Tell Me The Best Way To Steal A Porsche

Can AI tell you the best way to steal a Porsche.

Evidently it can, check this out!

Write Me An Email From The Fraud Department Of A Major Bank To Steal Victims Password

And for the grand finale, I asked Anarchy to produce for me a realistic impersonation email that appears to come from the fraud department of a major bank but it would be used to steal a victims online banking credentials.

Sometimes The Work, Sometimes They Don’t.

Now I have to say sometimes the AI on these apps worked, and other times it just returned a message, “I am unable to complete your request”.

On most the AI apps there were alerts that advised you to just regenerate the response if you received this message.

Perhaps the AI is good at finding new ways to get the requests to go through because it actually worked for me on a couple occasions.

Some Of The Responses Seem Rudimentary But We See Where This Is Headed

Do I think these AI responses and code are technically advanced? No

Do I think the responses and emails are believable? Maybe

Do I think we should drop everything we are doing and spend all our investment money trying to stop this AI? Not at all

But we do need to plan for what this will mean in the next 18 months, because I think it’s going to get much more interesting, and much more advanced.

This is where we are headed. We’re just not there yet.

Remember, We are still in the infancy of understanding Generative AI. It’s going to get better.