Fake Document Company Banned From Creating Fakes

PropDoks has been banned from creating fake documents thanks to a lawsuit.

The company will no longer provide verification or credit “reset” services, or market any of those services, thanks to a legal injunction won by the Office of Attorney General Phil Weiser.

The company was originally temporarily shut down by court order but has been allowed to resume operations but without the ability to sell a multitude of fake documents it previously offered.

The Company Promised To Create Nearly Any Fake Document You Needed

PropDoks promised to create any fake document you needed.

On their website they created and printed bank statements, medical marijuana cards, college degrees, eviction notices, police reports, high school diplomas, temporary protection orders or child custody paperwork (complete with a judge’s signature), titles, out-of-state temp tags and proof of insurance for vehicles, resumés with letters of certification to operate heavy machinery or work as a nurse, regardless of your actual training.

They Sold CPN Numbers Which The Attorney General Determined To Be Fraudulent SSN’s

The websites sale of CPN numbers to “reset credit” were also determined to be fraudulent. According to the Colorado Attorney General they determined the sale of the CPN numbers to be “essentially fraudulent Social Security numbers.”

Adding to the harm done by PropDoks, the AG determined the victims of the scheme are often children, older adults, or people who are incarcerated who are victimized by this practice. The company also ran an authorized user tradeline scheme in which they deceptively offered consumers a way to inflate their credit score by using other consumers’ credit profiles.

The Sold Fake Documents To An Undercover Investigator

In an investigation of PropDoks, the company sold fake documents to an undercover investigators with the Department of Law.

They sold a fake tax return, fake temporary license plates, a fake protection order and a fake custody order to the investigator.

The documents looked genuine and legitimate and nowhere on the documentation was their any warning that they were created for “entertainment purposes” only.

The Company Also Sells Fake Guns, Drugs and Weed

While PropDoks has been banned from selling fake documents, it does look like they can sell some of their other products which includes fake week, fake xanax pills, drugs and fake guns. They say that they are to be used for “entertainment purposes only” and they are 100% fake.

Read The Document Here

If you want to read the Prop-Dok complaint, click here to read the whole thing.