Facebook Is Totally Cool With Fraud University

Imagine a school you could go to learn how to commit fraud. Does it sound fun? Maybe even interesting?

Well, you don’t have to go to some seedy place on the outskirts of town; you can just log into Facebook, the $1.3 Trillion company, and they are totally ok with that.

Over 7,000 people have joined the group and mastered the art and science of fraud. And like I said, Facebook is not going to stop you, so don’t worry! It’s cool.

Oh, The Things You Will Learn At Facebook Fraud University

There are so many things you can do at Fraud University. The range of fraud offerings you can buy and sell defies logic.

How can it be that you can do all of these things, right from one of the biggest companies in the worlds website?! 😲

Check it out. You can learn how to use stolen identities to get great merch, like iPhones.

Got a credit union or a bank account. Well, that means you can get free money by having funds stolen from victims deposited right into your bank account.

Sure, you will be engaging in criminal activity. That is A-OK with Facebook. πŸ‘

If you’re a baller, you can even get cars delivered to a location of your choice using synthetic identities. Don’t worry; you won’t get caught. It’s a fake identity!

Sure, you will be engaging in criminal fraud. Don’t blame Facebook when you do!

Short on cash? No worries; your friends and classmates at Fraud University have your back. They got loads of stolen cards they can link to your ApplePay so you can extract some cold hard cash when you need it most.

And that’s not all. When you attend Fraud University, you can do tons of other criminal things on Facebook.

Facebook Is Very Fair To The Fraudsters

If you’re a fraud fighter like me, this angers you. Then you’re going to hate this. – Facebook doesn’t seem to mind that this is happening.

When a friend tried to report “Fraud University” to Facebook for blatant scamming and fraud activities. He was surprised to learn that it would be very difficult indeed.

First, Facebook has no option to report communities engaging in criminal fraud activity.

So my friend selected the next most obvious choice – “Unauthorized Sales” as the reason for reporting the group to Facebook.

After reporting the group, he waited for a response. Surely Facebook would delete a group named “Fraud University” after reviewing the criminal content.

Nope! 😭 Facebook investigators found that the group never violated their community guidelines. Out of an abundance of “fairness,” they concluded the University was fully legitimate.

What Will It Take?

What will it take for Facebook to stop turning a blind eye to the rampant fraud on the platform? Government regulation? Hefty Fines? A class action lawsuit by victims and banks?

Maybe all of the above. What do you think of Facebook Fraud University? Are you as mad about this as I am? 😠