Download the Fraudsters Dictionary

When you peruse the dark web and forums like Telegram, you quickly learn that fraudsters and scammers have their own language. It can be confusing to say the least.

Well one company – Nethone – has spent months researching and assembling the language of fraudsters in a book they call the “Fraudsters Dictionary”

The Fraudsters Dictionary according to Nethone contains.

  • Intel straight from the darknet gathered by their research team
  • More than 40 phrases used by fraudsters in the darknet in English and Russian speaking forums
  • From basic terms (what is the darknet) to advanced fraudster language: dump, razvodnie, kladsmen and many more!
  • Introduction to fraudster profiling – the list of attributes that can distinguish real user from a fraudster on the website

You can download the dictionary by heading over to this site here – Download the Fraudsters Dictionary.