CoffeeZilla – Rabbit Has No AI, It’s Hiding $30M Scam

Stephen Findeisen, better known as Coffeezilla, is an American YouTuber and crypto journalist. He is known primarily for his channel, which investigates and discusses online scams.

And now, he is on to a doozy – Rabbit. He claims the AI embedded within the Lamb device doesn’t work as advertised. In fact, he determined that “Lamb” is nothing more than ChatGPT with some hardcoded scripts.

The practice of exaggerating AI in products has become increasingly common this year and is referred to as”AI Washing”. It’s a deceptive practice where firms embellish or exaggerate their use of AI and its capabilities to attract investors.

The Device Went Viral And Sold Out

The viral little “AI” device promised to turn your text into action. Users were promised they could issue commands like “Rabbit, I liked this meal. Search my refrigerator and order me the ingredients to make it again tomorrow,” and a door-dash order would appear.

It was billed as the “iPhone of AI.” Instead, Coffezilla says its advertising was false and it’s hiding a $30 million scam.

After releasing this stellar Keynote, the device sold over 100,000 units at $300 each, generating $30 million in sales. They used those sales to raise another $65 million from investors.

The only problem was that the device didn’t work and was almost universally panned as nearly useless. Marques Brownlee called it “nearly unreviewable”.

Rabbit AI Is Hiding A Scam

It started with this video, where Coffeezilla exposes the fact that the Rabbit was created by a company that had recently raised millions for a separate crypto project in 2021, that didn’t seem to pan out.

He claims the device might be hiding an investment scam that will have both people who purchased the products and investors out money.

He contacted the company and became even more concerned that something serious was going on here.

Check out his second video where he blast the AI that the Rabbit is purporting to have.

Coffezilla believes that the Rabbit could amount to a big consumer fraud. “I think the best thing you could say at this point about Jesse and Rabbit is that they vastly over-promised and under-delivered, the worst you could say is (that) this is consumer fraud”, said Coffezilla in his most recent video.

What do you think? Do you own one?