Car Gang Buys Cars For You With Synthetic Identities

It’s Grand Theft Auto but with a new wrinkle. And this scheme is blowing my mind. 🤯

A group which I call the “Car Gang” has setup Facebook and Telegram channels to offer a new all in one car buying service using newly created synthetic identities.

The gang does all the dirty work of creating a synthetic identity for you, and even orders the car so they only thing you have to do is accept delivery at an address of your choice.

A Buy4u Service, With A Twist

This new service is a twist on “Buy 4 U” services that have plagued online retail merchants for years.

The”Car Gang” (not the actual name of the Telegram group) specifically targets car retailers online websites. And there are other copycat services sprouting up on Facebook as well.

The expertise they tout is that they know exactly how to get the fraudulent financing to work with CPN’s.

The process works like this

  • Step 1 – You select the car you want online and send them the link and $500
  • Step 2 – You take a photo of yourself against a white background and send it to them
  • Step 3 – They use a premade synthetic identity and finance the car with no money down
  • Step 4 – They express you a fake drivers license and schedule the car to delivery to you

“Hey Guys I Have Finally Mastered The Car Site Beast!”

“I can get anything you want for under $60,000”, sincerely The Car Gang.

Just like professional refunders, this “Car Gang” is successful because they understand exactly how to exploit the car sites policies.

Check out this post where one Car Gang explains how they have mastered the process of the car site.

After learning the process, these car gangs than activate a process that just works.

Here is how the Car Gang advertises their “process” and just what the buyer can expect.

Notice that they use “CPN’s” to get the car. That’s code for “synthetic identity”

Whatever You Want You Got

It’s like going shopping at the mall. You can choose whatever you want. On a daily basis, the Car Gang is setting up satisfied customers with the whips they want.

In this case, the Car Gang went through the online ordering process for the buyer, uploaded all the fake documents for them including a drivers license and scheduled delivery of the vehicle for later this week!

So Convenient – A Car Delivered To Your Front Door, Or Any Drop Site You Want

We live in a very convenient world, so it’s only natural that would be synthetic fraudsters would enjoy the same turnkey service as a normal person.

Just like ordering your lunch through Instacart, now you can watch your car being delivered to an address of your choice.

The Only Hitch – What’s Stopping Them For Using That Synthetic For Other People

This service really might appeal to desperate people that just need a car right now.

But it’s fraught with danger. There is no reason in the world the Car Gang wouldn’t use the same synthetic identity to buy other people cars, or credit cards or loans.

The people that buy cars through this service are very likely going to get connected to very large cases of synthetic identity that extend well beyond the car they just purchased for $600.

It’s a crazy world we live in!