Bank on Hailey – Talking Lone Wolf Fraud Fighters

Have you heard of the new fraud podcast that everyone is talking about? It’s called Banking On Fraudology, hosted by Hailey Windham.

When she was a kid playing cops and robbers, Hailey Windham was always the cop.

So when she took a job as a Bank Teller in 2014, it was only natural that she evolved into a fraud fighter. Less than 10 years later she finds herself the Financial Crimes Program Manager at a credit union. While she was there, she unlocked one big secret I dont think many fraud fighter realize is maybe the most important part of fighting fraud The Story

Since then, Hailey has become a real voice in banking – particularly for Credit Union’s which she still has a fondness for.

She partnered with Karisse Hendrik to start this new podcast, and I was thrilled that she selected me to be a guest on her new show.

Have a listen and subscribe. Its 休休