AI Bots Are Way Better At Captcha’s Than People

Ai is coming for your security puzzles.

Captcha means Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The test, which is used to prevent login fraud is now in danger of becoming irrelevant because AI Bots are now better at completing them than humans.

Face it, everyone hates the puzzles anyway. Now there is just one more reason to get rid of them.

AI Bots Crush Captcha’s Faster and More Accurately

A new research report released in July reveals that AI bots have successfully defeated Captchas and are 15% more accurate than people.

And not only that, they can complete the Captcha’s faster too.

Check out their analysis that shows time and time again AI Bots are able to complete various Captcha types far more accurately and faster than people.

They Benchmarked 1,400 People Against The AI Bots

To put humans and AI bots to the test, researchers recruited 1,400 participants to test websites that used CAPTCHA puzzles, which account for 120 of the world’s 200 most popular websites.

The study was done on Amazon’s crowdsourcing platform MTurk, and involved various types of CAPTCHAs including identifying chimneys and boats, rotating images, ticking a checkbox, and typing distorted text.

“The bots’ accuracy ranges from 85-100%, with the majority above 96%. This substantially exceeds the human accuracy range we observed (50-85%),” the research paper read.

Chalk up a victory for the bots I guess.

Read And Download The Research Report Here