A $10 Million Hamburglar Fraud At Burger King

The McDonald Hamburglar had nothing on 5 women from Jamaica that are accused of stealing $10 million dollars from their employer Burger King.

Sources say the 5 ladies stole $10 million from the hamburger joint by voiding out transactions and keeping the cash when customers would pay.

The 5 ladies (including the supervisor of the branch) worked at one of Jamaica’s newest Burger King locations in Harbor View and were arrested last Sunday for their alleged crimes.

This Is How Burger King Employees Teef 10 Million

The crime took place over 3 months and while $10 million sounds like a lot (which it is) the actual dollar amount in USD is only $68,000 since the ladies were stealing local currency – the Jamaican dollar.

Here is a video that describes the whole thing.

The ladies were caught on videotape divvying up the funds which will be used as evidence against them when they go to court.