Rappers Attorney Busted for Check Fraud

If you think check fraud in on the decline, think again.  In fact, it’s worse than ever thanks to all the scammers sending people bad checks.

But one case in particular caught my eye – Suge Knights attorney Thaddeus Culpepper was just busted for cashing $1 million in stolen federal tax return checks.

Now this guy is one bad dude.  He is already awaiting trial for witness tampering in Suge Knights case, and now he is busted for this.  Things aren’t going well for this attorney at all.

According to the criminal complaint and the Los Angeles Times, Culpepper deposited a stolen check for $1,003,814 at a Wells Fargo bank branch in Pasadena in August 2017. The check was payable to two unidentified people, but Culpepper “allegedly told a bank representative that the payees were clients and had endorsed the check to him,” the statement read.

Authorities believe that he stole the check from the mail.  And that wasn’t the only case, it appears that he deposited over 21 separate stolen checks.  He must have had an insider at the post office that was feeding him the tax returns!