Why Consumers Need Fraud Experts To Help Them

Banking customers accounts are hacked or compromised all the time.  That includes their credit cards, debit cards, and even online banking.  Fraudsters can drain those accounts in a matter of a few minutes, often while the customer is sleeping or completely unaware of what is happening.

When the customer gets their monthly statement, they are often shocked to learn of the fraud and they call the bank to get their money back.

Most of the time, banks are more than willing to help customers and refund their money when this happens.  But what happens when banks don’t and refuse to help the customer get their money back?

When this happens, it is often because the customer’s claim did not get routed to the fraud department where experts can handle the customers claim as a fraud disputed item.   When it goes through normal channels, consumer claims are more often than not rejected because they are treated as “Customer Service Disputes”.

A case in point is this whacky Uber Case, where a customer had Uber charges draining her debit card account from 3 different states in 1 day.  Astonishingly, the bank denied her claim because fraud experts did not get a chance to intervene!

Fraud experts provide a very valuable service to consumers and victims because they help them get their money back. If you have a case of fraud, make sure that fraud experts are helping you!