Internal Fraudster Spends $1 Million Playing Games

It’s bad enough when a crooked employee defrauds you out of $5 million dollars but when they spend a million of that on playing a stupid video game on their smartphone that really takes the cake.

But that is exactly what a 45-year-old Rocklin man named Kevin Lee Co did who was employed by Holt of California.    And that wasn’t the only stupid thing he did he also spent hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery, season tickets to the Sacramento Kings and extravagant landscape for his home.

How Do You Spend $1 Million Playing A Video Game

Game of War is an addictive iPhone game.  I guess that might be an understatement.

Kevin Lee Co started playing Game of War which is initially free and got roped into paying after the initial free trial ended.  He isn’t the only one to fall for it but he certainly is the biggest loser.

You can read how another player, Mark Hill, lost $9,000 playing the game in this article “5 Reasons I Lost $9,000 On An iPhone Game”.  

By luring you in to make in-app purchases, forcing you to extend your play time and making extra charges confusingly simple to make you can rack up big losses quickly.

He Was The Accounting Department Manager

If you’re wondering how he managed to steal close to $5 Million from his employer, it’s because Lee Co was the manager of the accounting department.

He was able to keep his fraud scam up for years while he racked up big losses on his lavish lifestyle.

As so often, if not always, is the case his luck ran out and now he going to do some hard time for his dumb crimes.

Read the Criminal Complaint Here and See His List of Lavish Expenditures Here

I got access to the court documents that you can download here – gameofwar


This has got to take the cake for dumb fraudsters out there!

Thanks for reading.