YouTubers Given Out EDD Fraud Sauce

If you want the “sauce” on EDD fraud you just have to head over to Youtube where rappers, musicians and scammers provide extremely specific advice on how to easily get PUA funds.

TeeJayx6 released a tutorial with “about enough information” to get him arrested. If you listen to the lyrics, he provides you with methods to fill out applications so you are successful in stealing the money.

“Don’t be stingy with the sauce.” exclaims Bandman Swipe as he proceeds to display one of his methods to defraud California’s unemployment website.

And Nate Diezel brags about how he commits unemployment fraud against Michigan State and other states.

And Kasher Quon & Teejayx6 released another rap video bragging about EDD fraud and how much they have stolen.

And if you don’t think it was easy enough for him, check out this video to see all the gold chains he “Finessed” with EDD money

And Rich Wayne talk about how he “ran it up” against unemployment offices.

We really do live in a world where fraud is audaciously committed out in the open without any fear of being brought to justice.